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Friday, November 25, 2005

Baby Names

Well this post is for Frema.

We are not going to find out what we are having. We did not find out with Matthew and the best part was the look on Matt's face when the doctor said "It's a boy!" I can't wait to see what his face looks like this time. I was kind of glad we didn't find out at the end because I had to be induced. So, I knew the date that I was going in and I knew when the baby's birthday was going to be and it was nice to have at least one surprise. I am more tempted to find out with this one though because I would like to know if I should give some of Matthews baby clothes away or save them for this baby. But, I'm not going to find out. Ok on to the baby names.

For a boy we settled on Michael Allan. I know that it is a very common name but we just could not agree on any other names and these two names have meaning. Michael was Matt's grandfathers name and it is his Uncle's name. His Uncle only had one child and he had a girl, so the name was not going to be carried on and everyone in both our families really really liked it. Allan is Matt's middle name. He said that if he had another son that he would like him to have part of his name in the baby's name. He also thought that it would be kind of cool for him and his two boys to have the same middle name. He was really excited and I could not tell him no so Michael Allan it will be. Plus all three of them would have the same initials MAB.

As for a girls name we are still deciding. When I was pregnant with Matthew we were set on naming our girl Paige Elizabeth. (Elizabeth is my Mom's name, my middle name and Frema's middle name!) I loved the name Paige since I was like 9 years old. But, some people kind of ruined the name for us. First of all Matt's lovely older brother named his dog Paige and he keeps making comments on how he is going to say that we named our child after a dog. Then, there is a little girls who lives up stairs from us and her name is Paige and she is a hillbilly child. She smells, she's annoying and just ruined the name for me. So I am kind of turned off by the name now. So, we are still deciding on a girls name. Which hopefully is a sign that we are having a girl because with Matthew we had a girls name picked out but not a boys name and this time we have a boys name and not a girls name. When we decide on a girls name you guys will be the first to know. Till next time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Just a little Crazy

I think that there is something wrong with me! It is 7:00 in the morning and my son is sleeping. WHAT AM I DOING UP?!?!?! I woke up around 5:45 and started to think of all kinds of different things and just could not fall back to sleep. I hate when this happens, when you have so much to do and then don't get your rest. We are going to Michigan City, IN by Matt's sisters house for Thanksgiving. We are going out there a day early because she is having dinner at 1:00 and there is no way we would get there on time. It is only an hour and a half drive but with how we are we would not get there till around 4:00. Especially with my morning sickness! So, we figured we would go out there a day early and spend some personal time alone with them and let the kids play with each other. It will be really nice, but just more things to remember to bring! Well, I am starting to get a little sleepy now so I am going to go lay down while I can. My luck he will wake up as soon as I close my eyes! My next entry will be about baby names!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Baby B's First Picture

Well, here is Baby B's first picture. S/He is 35mm long, and is a pretty big baby. I am 10 weeks and 3 days so far. We are both very healthy and doing good.

It kind of looks like Casper the friendly ghost! Doesn't it? You can she that s/he already has arms and hands. When the doctor was doing the ultrasound, the baby was moving all around moving its arms like it was dancing! It was so neat. We got to record it on a vhs tapes, which is a nice keep sake.

(Even though by the time the baby is older and would like to show it to his or her children, their children won't know what a vhs is.)

I just can not get over how big this baby is already! I was expecting to see a little pea looking thing. It is so weird how you forget things like that. It was only a little over 2 1/2 years ago when I had Matthews ultrasound and he looked super tiny. It's also amazing seeing the little heartbeat beat so fast. When you see this, it finally clicks in that you have a little living thing growing inside you and it is the best feeling in the whole world! But, once you are around eight months you do not care about how wonderful it is you just want it out NOW! I am just so glad that I got to experience this at least twice in my life time. Alright my hormones and I are done talking now.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Am I Too Old For My Age?

Well, it is Saturday night at 9:00pm and I am laying on the couch in my pj's searching through blogs.
I am almost 22 years old, married, have a almost 2 year old child and one on the way!
Most people at my age are in their college dorms drinking or at a bar, going from partner to partner. Yet, I have no desire to do any of that.
I enjoy just staying home and watching 24 hours of PBS television. I even enjoy waking up in the middle of the night to get some milk for my baby or just snuggle with him. I would not give my life up for anything in the world! I do not mind that I didn't finish college or never got to do the party scene. I like not having to get all prettied up for a guy, I already got him and he married me for me, bad morning breathe and all! I seriously do not care about ever going back to school. To me that is not important just staying home with my children is what matters most! I think I would rather get my babies over with now while I'm young and have some type of patients,and then have my whole life to do whatever with. At least when I get to go off and do whatever I will be old enough to do whatever and have more money to do more things! I will also be able to enjoy my grandkids a little longer then some people do!
OK I am going to go to bed, Nite Nite :o)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My Love story

I'm jealous Number Twelve and Frema both have these cute stories of how they meet their loves and mine is kind of boring.

I actually meet him on my best-friends birthday, in 1999. I was driving with one of my friends in her car to go meet this guy that she had a huge crush on. When we arrived at the house that this guy was at, I seen Matt. He was wearing a red Old Navy fleece sweater with a nice pair of non-wrinkled, non-ripped jeans and his hair was perfectly in place. He looked even hotter next to his friends who were wearing wrinkle, ripped jeans. One was wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt and the other was wearing an old army jacket. Hmmm which one would you have picked? My friend was going for the one in the army jacket! Well, my friend invited all of them to come to her house and hang out, drink and play on the computer.

(Before we showed up at this house my friend was suppose to drop me off at my best friends house for her birthday.)

Well, after my friend invited them over, Matt looked at me and asked if I was going to be there. I should have told him "No, I have a very important place to be" but I said, "yeah sure for a little while." I felt like a terrible friend at this point but hey I had a chance to get with this hottie! We all went back to my friends house and hung out in her basement. Matt and I ended up off in a corner by ourselves talking and playing catch with a little ball. It was going really nice till his other friend, the one with the Marilyn Manson shirt, came over and started to hit on me. I then looked at the clock and realized I was suppose to be at my best friends house 3 hours ago! So, we all hopped in the car and they dropped me off. My best friend was really cool with me showing up three hours late for her party, she's the best!

We chatted on the internet, talked on the phone and hung out with my friend and his two friends for a couple of weeks and we officially started to go out on November 21. Then the rest is history.
(My friend and his friend never worked out. She actually wanted Matt instead, but I won!)

Monday, November 07, 2005

Just testing

Well, I have been playing around and I think that I have taught myself how to put links in my posts. Frema we will see if this works. The next thing that I have to learn to do is add a picture to my profile.


I learned how to do both the things I wanted to do!

I now have to go be a Mom since I wasted all my quite time playing with my blog instead of taking a nice hot relaxing bath or taking a nap with him.