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Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Baby boy is now 2!

January 10 was my little boy's 2nd birthday. He grew up so fast. I feel like he should have only turned 1. It does not seem like I have had him in my life that long.
Well, we took him for his 2 year old pictures, which was a trip. He has the cutest personality and all the pictures we get I think are adorable but it's a lot of work to get these pictures done! There is a lot of bribing, tricking and just pure luck that we got a shot. He is terrible. He is either trying to run off the little platform or he smiles and then turns away at the last minute. It took us 2 hours to get these five pictures.

I do not know if it is just me but he looks so old in these pictures. He looks like he is 3 or 4 years old already. Look at the above picture and the picture below. The one below was his 1 year old picture. Look at the difference within one year. Last year's picture the blocks barely came up to his chest. This year the blocks are at his waist!

Well, I guess I just have to realize that he is not my baby anymore, he is my little man!

Friday, January 06, 2006

It's My 22nd Birthday!!!

Well, I am officially 22 today.

I want to review my last two birthdays and my next two. When I turned 20 I was pregnant and about to pop 4 days later. When I turned 21 I was breastfeeding still. I just turned 22 and am pregnant. When I turn 23 I will be breastfeeding again. So, when I turn 24 I can have a drink for the last 4 years worth of birthdays that I could not drink. I never drink but it would be nice to have a nice cocktail for my birthday.

I felt kind of special yesterday because I got an early birthday present from my doctor! His nurse called and informed me that my present was a bottle of antibiotics for my urinary track infection. Which taking the medicine can also cause a yeast infection. So, I might have a belated birthday present where I can get cream! I also have a cold.

But, I am happy because I get my favorite dinner, baby back ribs and a homemade oreo ice cream cake!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Thank God It's 2006!!!

I am so happy that it is a new year already. I'm not saying that 2005 was so bad, but there was just to much that happened.

My father had another child with his wife that caused a lot of heart ache. Also, in January I turned 21, Frema turned 25 and my baby boy turned 1. A lot of wedding planning.
A lot of driving around and doing things for the wedding.
My wedding shower.
My baclorette party. Then the big wedding day!
I want to say this was the month that my best-friend announced that she has moved her wedding date up. (Sissy sorry if I'm wrong)
Took a 9 hour road trip down to Arkansas to see my Grandparents.
Helping my Sissy with anything she needed for the wedding.
Sissy's wedding shower. Sissy baclorette party. Found out my brother's wife (at the time girlfriend) was pregnant.
Sissy's wedding!
Was kind of calm from what I remember. Just my husbands birthday.
Found out my husbands sister was pregnant again. Then found out I was pregnant again! My brother signed up for the Army Reserves.
Very sick and nauseas. Found out my cousin is pregnant with twins. A long trip to Michigan City for Thanksgiving. Our 6 year dating anniversary.
Very sick and nauseas still. Christmas shopping and wrapping. Frema and Luke got engaged. Then Christmas.

So, it has been a pretty eventful year and we need a new year to start with new things. Just a few things this year that are going to happen:
January: My baby boy turns two :o(
February: throwing my brother's baby shower
March: my brothers baby is due.
April: my guess Frema's wedding shower and possibly baclorette party. My cousin's baby shower.
May: Frema and Luke's wedding. My husbands sister's baby is due.
June: I have my second baby!
Then there will be 3 christenings during the summer.

I am sure there are going to be a lot more things that will happen in this new year and I am just glad it is here. Plus the sooner time goes by the sooner I will not be sick anymore and get to see my new baby :o)

Happy New Years!!!